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How to Create a Pricing Page | Pricing Elementor


To create a pricing page using Elementor and Elementor Pro, you can follow these steps:

  1. Install and activate the Elementor and Elementor Pro plugins on your WordPress site.
  2. In your WordPress dashboard, go to Pages > Add New to create a new page for your pricing page.
  3. Click on the “Edit with Elementor” button to launch the Elementor page builder.
  4. In the Elementor editor, click on the “Add Template” button to add a pre-designed pricing page template. You can find a variety of pricing page templates in the Elementor template library, including templates for Elementor Pro users.
  5. Customize the template to your liking by dragging and dropping elements, adding content, and changing the design.
  6. To add pricing tables, click on the “Add Widget” button and search for the “Price Table” widget. Drag and drop the widget onto the page and customize the content and design of the pricing table.
  7. Preview your pricing page and make any final adjustments.
  8. When you are satisfied with your pricing page, click the “Publish” button to make it live on your website.

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Pricing page  Elementor

Importance of Pricing Page:

A pricing page is an important part of any website because it helps potential customers understand the cost of your products or services and make a decision about whether to purchase from you. A well-designed pricing page should be clear and easy to understand, with detailed information about the features and benefits included in each pricing tier.

Having a pricing page can also help establish trust and credibility with potential customers, as it shows that you are transparent about the cost of your products or services and are willing to provide detailed information about what is included. A pricing page can also help to reduce confusion and minimize the number of questions that potential customers may have, as they can easily compare different pricing options and make an informed decision.

Overall, a pricing page is a valuable resource for any website, as it helps potential customers understand the value of your products or services and make a purchasing decision.

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